A rundown of the best hotels in the world of the last decade

Whether you are seeking gorgeous natural landscapes, beach front paradise or urban living, here's why you should holiday a la mode

For most people, vacations are supposed to be about the locations to visit, escapades to undertake and cultural sites heard of in a travel guide. But,for a fast growing number of people, one of the finest attractions of going away is down to where they stay. Now, there is a vast array of luxury hotels of the world that will make your break as glamorous as possible. Entrepreneurs such as Surinder Arora know that there is an omnipresent demand for excellent hotel experiences. The best luxury resorts all share a comparable attention to detail, flair in decoration and dedication in perfection in their services. It should offer an experience that is perfect not just for the eyes. The taste buds should be induced by the superb food cooked by famed chefs. There should be a high-class ambiance from music in the hotel bar and restaurantsscenes. Nowadays more so than ever, there is a thriving hotel scene which creates an intimate sophisticated setting that all holiday goers aspire.

Draped inside a hotel setting, the term luxury is replete with images of crystal adorned chandeliers, master rooms and extensive panoramic views. Whilst these understandings are predominantly correct, it is significant to understand that luxury should not continually be related with big. The truth is, for numerous hoteliers, the ethos can be defined as small and stylish. International entrepreneur Oliver Ripley is famous for being connected to new and exciting hospitality services. There is a particular emphasis on customized services designed for individual requirements. The advantage of boutique luxury hotels is that it provides a smaller and charming setting that is perfect for romantic festivities. It is infinitely photographable with the imposing bookcase or stylish sofas perfect to post on Instagram. There is an aspect of warmth to the design and the service. There is also an element of secrecy for those looking for an escape from prying eyes and camera lenses.

What determines luxury in the hospitality business? The qualifying criterion is serious and often strange for those at the top of the food chain. It is crucial to know the vital features entailing world-class standards if you are trying to locate the best places to stay. Powerful entrepreneurs such as Robert Kuok are conscious that there is a current market for individuals pursuing luxury abroad. But what divides the good from the great? What earns the top 10 luxury hotels in the world that crown? Typically, premium hotels are decked out with excessive pools, beautiful fountains and sophisticated spas. There is frequently a merging of old and new architectural styles. Grand historic facades are merged with modern products for optimum entertainment. Unique and often overstated amenities such as helipads, tennis courts and racing racks are mandatory to make your stay unforgettable.

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